Windows 10 pro + office 2016 professional plus combo pack for 1 pc. 15 minutes Email Delivery

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Windows 10 Pro is the new operating system designed specifically for professional users and businesses. In addition to the usual devices such as PCs and laptops, the Windows 10 Pro operating system can also run on compatible tablets. Thus, Windows 10 Pro on every compatible platform with its features provides the optimal conditions that a professional user needs. The new Windows 10 Pro operating system offers optimal computer support, above all for advanced users as well as companies. The Windows 10 Pro operating system shines, just like the previous “Pro” variants, with a user-friendly and modern interface. Windows 10 Pro also adapts to any device and its features. As far as the system requirements for the Windows 10 Pro operating system are concerned, these have hardly changed in comparison to the two previous versions Windows 7 and 8.1. Therefore, even older computers come with no problems with Windows 10 Pro, which is a strong advantage in a conversion in a company. New features in the Windows 10 Pro operating system The Windows 10 Pro operating system provides users with so-called “business features” such as Domain Join, Group Policy Management, BitLocker, Internet Explorer EMIE enterprise mode, Remote Desktop, 8.1 assigned access, and a Hyper-V client , In addition, the Windows 10 Pro operating system brings in addition to the professional features also general new features and programs. Microsoft Office Pro 2016 is designed for high standards. It’s the perfect solution for the self-employed, freelancers, small business owners and home users. It meets all the requirements that are placed on office software. Whether you want to create form letters, labels, or business numbers in spreadsheets, or create presentations. For every occasion the Office Pro 2016 is intended